How to Write a Dissertation Discussion Section | Tips & Examples

Well, you have finally embarked on the journey of dissertation writing. But, before you even proceed further to the writing step, you find yourself stuck in a loophole because of the dissertation discussion section. Are we correct? Well, let us tell you something. It is not just you. Many students often find themselves in a tight spot when it comes to writing the dissertation discussion section. They either don’t have a clue on what this is. Or even if they do, they fail to write the perfect one.

Indeed, between the two of the possible problems, you might be facing one of them. And that is the reason you are here reading this guide. You need to know how you can write the over-the-top dissertation discussion section without any more challenges. Well, then, you are in the correct place. Here in this article, we are going to unlock some tips and expert advice that will help you in creating a super fascinating dissertation discussion. So, do stick to the end of the guide, But before we even move forward toward these tips, let us delve into what is the dissertation discussion section and its critical components.

What is the Dissertation Discussion Section?

For those who don’t know what the dissertation discussion section is, do read this part of the guide clearly. The dissertation discussion is a part where you define and interpret the results of your dissertation topic. Moreover, here you not only have to write about the new findings. But also compare them to the old ones and also analyze the possible outcomes of this.

When it comes to dissertation discussion, it has some important aspects that you need to cover at any cost. Wondering why? Well, because all of these components are the concrete road map of your research work. So, let’s take a look at these critical components.

Critical Components of Dissertation Discussion

Here are the critical components of the dissertation discussion part. These include:

  • Interpreting the findings: This means in this part, you are going to tell the audience about your findings in the research and how they resonate with your thesis question.
  • Literature: Secondly, you have to write new literature after analyzing the previous review. Then, you have to compare both of them to see the difference.
  • Significance and Implications: In this, you have to mention why it is so important in your research field. And how you are going to imply it.
  • Limitations: Here, you have to tell about the limitations and drawbacks of your dissertation topic. (If any)
  • Suggestions: Lastly, you have to suggest any possible outcomes and any possible research area that needs to be discovered in the future.

So, these were the key aspects of your dissertation discussions. Thus, when you are writing this section, follow these components step by step. Now, let us move on to the dissertation writers tips and advice for writing one.

How to Write a Dissertation Discussion?

You have reached this part of the guide, which means now you have a clear conception of what dissertation discussion is and its critical components. So, without wasting any more time, let us move to the main reason why you are here. To find out the tips and tricks for writing a compelling discussion section. (Do read them carefully, as you will definitely benefit from these tips and tricks).

1.     Start With A Summary

It is the first tip when it comes to writing the dissertation discussion. Since you are going to mention all your findings here, you should always start with a clear and concise summary. This way, your readers will have a context about what to find in this section.

2.     Connect Findings to Research Questions

Secondly, if you really want to stand out through your dissertation discussion. Then you need to make sure your findings resonate with your research questions.

3.     Critical Analysis

It is time for you to critically analyse your dissertation discussion. Here interpret your results. Also, tell the audience about the outcomes and the scope of the research.

4.     Relate to Your Literature

Let’s move on to the other tip of writing a dissertation discussion. Make sure to relate your literature review with the existing one. Furthermore, also tell about how your research contributes to the field.

5.     Address the Limitations

Don’t forget to address the limitations of your dissertation topic. Believe us, this will make your dissertation discussion section more prominent and better.

6.     Take Help

Do you know writing the dissertation discussion section might be the hardest part for some students? So, if you also feel the same, then connect with the professional cheap dissertation writing service UK . They will guide you on how you can write a top-notch discussion section. Moreover, if you don’t want to burden yourself, ask them, and they will write it for you. Trust us when we say it is one of the most extraordinary pieces of advice you can follow.

7.     Stay Focused

It is another fantastic tip. If you want to make this section perfect, then stay focused while writing. Stick to the point and don’t exaggerate every intricate detail.

8.     Avoid Repetition

One thing that your readers dislike is the repetition of words and sentences. So, steer clear of this. Make sure you don’t repeat the exact wordings. And, do make use of the synonyms and transition words as much as you can. Then see the magic.

Example of Writing A Dissertation Discussion Section

Now that you have checked out the tips and tricks for writing this particular section, here is an example of how you can create one. But a little disclaimer: This is only for ideal purposes. So, don’t copy the exact same and create your own. Let’s move on to the example:

Findings and Interpretations

In the study, we found out about how physical activity improves the mental health condition of teenagers. And this finding resonates with the previously done research in 2019. It promotes the importance of exercise and other activities to enhance the well-being of individuals.

Comparison with Literature

In the previous research, no connection was found between physical exercise and the improvement of mental health. However, our study identified a modest correlation between both of them.


We observed that socio-economic status played a vital role in this. People who had access to money had better chances of getting medical help as compared to the ones who had money problems. So, to fix this up we need to come up with better plans. And, by tackling this problem with deeper analysis we can make healthcare facilities available for everyone.


So this brings us to the end of the guide. Hopefully, now you have a clear insight on how you can write a top-notch discussion section. Also, if you face any problem you can refer to the above examples.

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