Problems Faced by International Students in the UK

Has the UK always been your dream destination for studying? And, now, you are considering moving there for your brighter future. Well, that is amazing. It will be a big, exciting, yet challenging face of your life. Wonder why? The answer is simple. No matter how hard you try, you are bound to face difficulties because it is not easy just to pack up your bags and move to an unknown country, even if it is for better education. Be it feeling homesick, language barriers, or cultural shock, international students face multiple challenges.

Well, this guide is going to be all about the problems faced by international students in the UK so that you can be prepared and stay ahead of your game to conquer these challenges. Moreover, in the guide, we are going to provide some amazing suggestions through which you can avoid these challenges like a pro. Thus, do stick till the end of the guide, as we guarantee you are going to benefit from this. Now, let’s move towards our article!

Top 6 Challenges International Students Faces

The UK has been the destination of most students when it comes to studying abroad. Why? The answer is simple. It provides better education opportunities while enhancing your skills. But let us tell you something. Being an international student is not a walk in the park, especially for those who have never lived in their entire lives. Well, it is definitely a roller coaster ride living in the UK. Here are some of the problems international students face while studying in the UK.

1.     Homesickness

There is a saying that home is where the heart is. And truthfully, almost every international student’s heart is in their home country. All their family members, friends, and relatives are there. Furthermore, it is more difficult for international students to live away from their support systems for the first time. And they are bound to get homesick.

We know how hard it is to stay away from your loved ones and not be able to hear their voice or see them on a regular basis. But, you know what? You can easily overcome this challenge by Facetiming them. Also, seeing that there might be other international students going through the same situation as yours, you can connect with them. The best part? Universities in the UK offer counselling for homesickness. So, if you ever feel sad, don’t shy away from them.

2.     Culture Shock

Yes, you heard it right. It is one of the main problems international students face. Wondering why? Because of this reason, they are exposed to new and unfamiliar cultures. Moreover, they feel disoriented. Also, this feeling of cultural shock can lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems.

But you know what? You can easily overcome this by taking the necessary steps. Obviously, there are going to be many cultural activities and events around your campus. So, take part in them. Surely, here, you will get to meet people belonging to different cultures. And, through this, you can get a chance to learn more about their cultural values and ideas. Now, that’s what we call the awesome news.

3.     Language Barriers

Language Barriers are another one of the challenges that international students have to face. It is quite obvious that English is not going to be the main language of many international students. And, you know what’s the worst part? Even those with fluent English might suffer from dialect issues.

But, there is a way out for overcoming this challenge. If you feel like you are struggling big time with language, get yourself enrolled in language learning courses. Also, do you want a fun fact? You can easily partner up with other international students on social media for this.

4.     Financial Struggles

No doubt living. In the UK it can be expensive, especially being an international student. From tuition fees to accommodations, food, and other necessities, you have to pay on your own. Do you want to hear other bad news? Due to working limitations, you might not even be allowed to take up a job being an exchange student.

However, international students can easily overcome this challenge. Wondering how? Well, the UK universities offer multiple scholarships. So, look up for them and apply to the ones you feel are perfect for you. Even though there will be many applicants, it might be a little harder for you. But, there is no harm in trying out your luck.

5.     Social Isolation

It is another challenge international students might have, especially those who have social anxiety or are an introvert. There is the fact we are sure you all must agree that introverts like sticking to themselves. Moreover, when it comes to making new friends, they tend to get awkward. They also have a hard time adjusting to the new environment.

Friendly advice: if you want to overcome this challenge, then try joining different societal clubs, taking part in extracurricular activities, etc. You know what? Try connecting with international students from your country. Honestly, it is one of the best ways to tackle this

6.     Academic Problems

Let’s move on to another challenge faced by international students. It is an academic problem. The UK has a different educational pattern as compared to the other countries. Thus, the students might have difficulty in adopting the academic format. Moreover, it might also become a major blockade in their learning.

But you know what? International students can easily tackle this thorny situation by attending orientation sessions. Moreover, many professionals like London Dissertations UK are providing special guidance to international students by helping with their assignments and coursework. So, if they want, they can seek help from them.


The UK is no doubt the best international country for shaping your future. But living and surviving in it is a challenging part. Many international students go through different problems while studying in the UK. Here in this guide, we have mentioned some of them, and hopefully, you stuck around till the very end to learn about them. However,  do you know these challenges are nothing but a path to a better future? So, if you are thinking of moving to the UK for higher studies, then don’t hesitate. Take that big step. We know it will be quite difficult at first as there is a saying that with hardships comes ease at the end!

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